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We are committed to creating value and delivering bespoke services to build long-term partnerships

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TALENANCE Executive Search is committed to:

Creating value
- We provide advance consulting services

- We handle projects with transparency and dedication

- We monitor and support the induction of placed candidates

Delivering bespoke services
- Our consultants are involved in every stage of an assignment

- We develop a methodology specific to your requirements

- We identify, assess and select the best candidates

- We meet all deadlines

Our areas of expertise

Direct approach
(executive search)

Sector-specific analysis

Organisation mapping

Identification of key personnel

Direct approach - headhunting

Digital recruitment practices

Recommendations - the Talenance ecosystem

Professional networks

Social networks

Alumni networks

HR consulting

Career guidance testing

Integration support


Director coaching in partnership with the Place to Coach

Transition management

Animation of a pool of Directors & Managers

Tailor-made solutions adapted to customer challenges

Fast turnaround times

For project management missions, business transformation, replacement of a manager

Our team, your best asset

TALENANCE Executive Search is committed to supporting you in your job search or to meet a specific client requirement. We deliver this support by:

- Analysing your application

- Helping you prepare for job interviews

- Conducting a debriefing after each interview

- Working with you to make the right decision

- Offering a friendly and supportive environment

As an Executive or Director, you will need the support of an external partner once you start your new role:

- TALENANCE Executive Search consultants provides long term personalized follow up, respecting confidentiality

- They will also talk with shareholder representatives or your line manager

- Where necessary, they will act as discreet intermediaries to ensure you settle into your new position successfully

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